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the Celtic Pirates

If your taste in music favors the Irish variety, then spend a few minutes browsing the webpages of the only swashbuckling Celts in the colonies!

So what's new with the Pirates?
They've played another festival, been seen around the Boston pub circuit and in general been causing some good old fashioned trouble!

Need a fix of good Irish music? Well....head over to the two 'Celtic Pirates' musical ports:
Head over and give a listen and offer them some support! The list of songs are updated often so watch for new Celtic tracks!

Looking for some good independent musicians, like the Celtic Pirates in your area? Check out indie-music. They were smart enough to come and contact the Pirates so they obviously know talent!!!

The Pirates kicked off St. Patrick's Day at the Boston College Club! Photos coming SOON!!!!

Who's the Spotlight Irish Band of the Month at Celtic Rock Radio??? I'll be shivered...It's the Celtic Pirates! Head over get a listen to them and other fine Irish bands.

Have something to tell or ask the Celtic Pirates? Call the Celtic Pirate hotline at:
(508) 832-2998, or:
Send email to the Pirates

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